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Twenty-five hundred years ago, a Babylonian slave named Daniel made history by solving the riddle of the king’s dream. He prayed to find out what the dream’s contents were, and prayed for an understanding of the dream’s meaning. The next morning, Daniel delivered his answer. The king was satisfied. Daniel had saved not only his own life but that of all the wise men of Babylon, for the king had threatened to kill them all if no one could unravel the mystery of his dream.

Today, we know and understand the critical elements of Daniel’s prayer. We know the mechanics of physical reality—what science studies—and we know the structure of spiritual reality—the source of things like creation, forgiveness, miracles and inspiration. Click Here Manifest The Life You Want 

The entire 7 Day Prayer Miracle is based on this understanding of Daniel’s prayer. It’s also well-grounded in the empirical experience of people who have used this knowledge to create one miracle after another.

In a very real sense, this is the science of prayer.

Click Here Manifest The Life You Want 

Today’s fast-paced world can sometimes make us feel a bit crazy. Science, with all its logic and reason, can’t seem to help us make sense of our lives. More and more, people are finding a hunger for something more than an understanding of the physical half of reality. The 7 Day Prayer Miracle can help heal your life and restore spiritual peace. We know that attachments to things can pollute our soul. Prayer can cleanse us of such things so that we may feel bright and shiny as a child of God.

For instance, we now know 4 traits of God that we can manipulate within ourselves in order to get closer to Him. The course shows exactly how.

We can also use the four key elements of physical reality to gain greater clarity about our current position so that we can launch from here in order to go to a more spiritual destination.

How the Course Can Help You

1. Verified Techniques

The big problem we’ve had with programs like “positive thinking” or “law of attraction” is that they remained vague on how to get to the desired state of mind. There was too much “pie-in-the-sky,” feel-good stuff that didn’t have a sufficient connection to the real world.

The 7 Day Prayer Miracle requires that you develop and exercise the ability to achieve the proper feelings for delivering prayers that match your conscious thoughts. The course shows you exactly how to do this with several, step-by-step exercises. This has been the area of disconnect in so many other programs.

The exercises in this course raise your critical awareness of your environment and your own internal feelings so you can know when you’re aiming your prayer correctly. Click Here Manifest The Life You Want 

2. Establishes Within You the Proper Skills

The reason why the 7 Day Prayer Miracle works and has so many enthusiastic testimonials is because of the deep, spiritual understanding behind it—an understanding grounded in science and critical thinking. No matter what your starting point, you will find yourself moving further from “lack” all the way to “abundance”—not merely physical abundance, but spiritual abundance of unconditional love, utter humility, perfect responsibility and fearless confidence.

The map has been laid out. All you have to do is to walk the path.

The 7 Day Prayer Miracle is not only about wealth, health and relationships. It repairs the basic issues in your thinking and attitudes that would otherwise prevent effective prayer and, all too often, result in self-sabotaging behavior that spoils any gains you may make. All of these pitfalls have been handled.

Needless to say, the spiritual half of reality has its own rules and quite often doesn’t work at all like the physical half. This program is the manual for understanding what’s different and how to use those differences to your own benefit. Click Here Manifest The Life You Want

Because we each have our own set of bad habits, the course book covers a broad range of exercises to strengthen your awareness of your own thoughts, attitudes, intentions and—most importantly—your subconscious “feeling” attention. The 7 Day Prayer Miracle does these things far better than any book or program we’ve seen before.

3. Proper Preparation

No amount of thinking will ever accomplish anything truly worthwhile. Thought is a useful tool, but it’s only the starting point. And you can’t fix a great dinner in a dirty kitchen.

Bad habits and bad attitudes can cloud your spiritual vision and prevent your message from reaching heaven. 

It’s a bit like 50 very loud people shouting while you’re trying to talk to someone on your cell phone. Sometimes, you can’t even hear yourself think. 

The 7 Day Prayer Miracle helps you clear out not only bad habits, but also the daily garbage of stuck attention on little crimes we all commit from time to time—like being late for work, not taking out the garbage, forgetting about a commitment we’ve made, and more. 

Becoming more aware of our stuck attention points, we can actively clean them up and ensure that our prayers make a direct, clear connection to heaven.

Click Here to Start the 7 Day Prayer Miracle

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