New Happiness Code – Does the Program Really Work?

The New Happiness Code – Think Your Way to Success!

There are times when people feel completely lost and devoid of happiness, this feeling of helplessness and being lost can send a person spiraling down even further. To add to this, the prospect of receiving help from the universe around may seem bleak, especially when they’re down in the dumps.

With all of the sadness surrounding people, the chances of their brain getting used to being low are very high, this means some people when they go through their struggles they start believing that nothing good can ever happen to them. This can be very disheartening to hear, but that is the truth.

This is exactly why several people travel all around the world looking for some peace and happiness, people who cannot travel around the world turn towards other methods like meditation.

New Happiness Code

People also may have consulted “manifestation gurus” or “law of attraction” experts. But then again all those methods are more likely to fail.

Some people also tend to believe that money will buy them happiness, but the truth is happiness cannot be bought with the help of money. There are several people who are swimming in wealth but are not happy with their life and on the other hand, there are several people who are nowhere close to being filthy rich but they have all the happiness they could find.

Moreover, being happy makes everything else better, if you’re happy then your work becomes more of a hobby that you enjoy and without happiness, your work can feel very tiring and boring.

What if you were told that there is a way through which you could unlock the key to being happy which in turn will also help you attract success, you would be happy, wouldn’t you?

Well,  The New Happiness Code is a one of a kind manifestation program that will help you unlock the code to being happy and will also help you achieve your desired success.ADVERTISEMENT

The New Happiness Code

The New Happiness Code as mentioned above is a  manifestation program like none other, it is an audiobook that will help you experience a “polarity shift” in your brain, which, in turn, will help you feel positive.

Understanding the working of The New Happiness Code is quite simple. You probably are aware of “limiting Beliefs”. These are beliefs that constrain you in one way or the other. But when it comes to how permanent they are, most of the manifestations gurus get that part wrong.

The belief that you hold is basically wired into the brain with the help of magnetic impulses known as neurons.

These limiting beliefs are about your life and your capabilities as a person. In general, beliefs are hardwired into your brain by your surroundings, parents, teachers, and culture as and when you’re growing up. Those beliefs become the predetermined magnetic tracks for your limiting beliefs.

Scientists refer to that as “neural pathways”. When repeated, the neural pathways become more of a permanent belief in your brain. As per several neuroscientists, 95% to 99% of these feelings form outside your conscious control.

And when the beliefs are negative, then your life may tend to lead away from all of your ambitions and happiness that you want. This mainly because your brain is hardwired to the negative beliefs and is attracting scarcity, magnetically, and also is pushing the riches of life away.

These limiting beliefs are encoded with Magnetic resonance, the magnetic resonance can be other negative or positive. As mentioned earlier, when you hold on to limiting beliefs for a long time, it gets hardwired into the brain, which is also known as neural pathways.

What you should know about neural pathways is that they are electro-magnetically charged, just like a magnet. Therefore, it attracts what you believe in and it repels anything that is not. Just like how magnets do not attract other magnets unless the polarity is reversed.

If you believe in truly positive things then you can attract all the happiness in the world but when you have negative and limiting beliefs then it is bad.

New Happiness Code

But this is where The New Happiness Code comes to your rescue,  this audiobook helps in reversing the polarity of your brain with the help of sound. Yes, the brain’s polarity can be set again with the help of sound. It will destroy old limiting beliefs and help in the creation of new beliefs that will empower you. These sounds have been researched with the help of audio meditation experts to make sure it is the right frequency and the right mix to help you get the best results.

The Happiness Code is a three-week program that has been made in a scientific manner using Harvard brain science and the polarity switch.

The first week is called Alignment, where you have to listen to the audio track every day, when you do it will help in eliminating the limiting beliefs that have been ever-present inside your brain, this will help you feel free of negative thoughts and beliefs,

The following week, listen to Expansion, this will help you in expanding your mind and possibilities when you’re free of negative thoughts and you have the power to expand your thinking to manifest all your dreams. This growth becomes inevitable when you’re free from those limiting beliefs which were holding you back.

Limitless is the track for the third week and is named correctly so, it helps in making you feel limitless and this will help you manifest your dreams into reality.

The best part of it all is that you do not have to do any kind of work, all you have to do is listen to the audiobook on a regular basis.

Where To Buy The New Happiness Code?

You can only buy The New Happiness Code on their  official website at, you can buy this life-changing audio meditation book for just $39, and furthermore, there are quite a few bonuses that you get with this

  • The New Sleep Code: helps you get amazing quality sleep
  • The New Peace Code: this audiobook helps you in getting rid of anxiety and helps you lead a peaceful life.
  • The New Confidence Code: this helps in boosting your confidence.

So make sure that you get your hands on this amazing life-changing audiobook.

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