Ready to Find the Love of Your Life? BOOST YOUR LOVE LIFE WITH PRAYER

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Imagine having that special someone in your life who will stay by your side no matter what. That loved one who will be your partner in creating a family.

Many dating and relationship programs will tell you that you need to become confident, because confidence is sexy.

Well, there’s some truth to that. But how do you manufacture confidence when you start with so little?

Humor me, and try this brief exercise for a moment.

Look at the computer in front of you or on the desk or table where the computer sits. If you’re using a mobile device, improvise. Find a tiny spec of dust and examine it for a moment. How frightening is that piece of dust? Does it make you quiver with fear?

Of course not!

Why is this?

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Couldn’t it be because the piece of dust is unimportant?

When you decide that something is unimportant, then it becomes far easier to get it. In your soul, you know this.

Let me give you an example to refresh your memory and to excite your awareness of the possibilities.

Let’s say you’ve misplaced your car keys. You don’t remember where you set them down and you now need them desperately. All that importance makes you concerned—even worried. Impatience makes it even worse. The harder you try to remember, the more elusive the memory becomes. But when you relax and turn your attention to something else, suddenly there’s the memory you needed.

The moment you relax and allow the memory to become unimportant, you find it. Prayer is a lot like that. Click Here to Start the 7 Day Prayer Miracle

And with the 7 Day Prayer Miracle, you learn how to be more precise with your prayers so you get exactly what you want.

The more you worry about how you’ll find your significant other, the harder it becomes. Your objective needs to be one of faith that God will deliver. This course tells you exactly how to achieve that elusive state of “faith.”

One man actually started “feeling in love” before he ever knew the name of his future wife. This wasn’t because he had seen a picture. No! He cultivated this feeling even before he met her online.

Halfway around the world, his future bride started going to internet cafes, searching for the right website in order to meet her future husband. His prayer prompted her action immediately. And in less than two weeks, she had left him a note that resulted in more than a decade (and counting) of marital bliss.

The wonderful thing about prayer is that it’s instantaneous. The final result may take a little while to find its way to you, but the action starts immediately. Always!

There are four traits of God about which you will learn that can be activated in yourself to bring you closer to God and to make your prayers heard. Then, you merely need to allow God to do the work. Nothing could be simpler.

And with the power of prayer under your belt. The rest of your life will become far easier, because you put God first and allow Him to lead you to the love you’ve always wanted.


Great! Let’s get you started.

Naturally, anything worth having requires action on your part. Learning to do prayer properly will require work. But once you learn it, the results will be worth it. Not only will you have the skills to get the love of your life, but also everything else in your life you will want or need. God is a generous parent. He unconditionally loving and generous—infinitely so. He wants you to have everything you desire. The trick is in the way you ask—prayer. Teaching you how to pray is relatively straightforward, but you need to be committed. And aren’t you worth it?

Your lover is waiting for you to call them into your life. With prayer done right, the results become effortless and easy. God does all the work.

A life of love and companionship awaits you.

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