WTF is Text Chemistry?

text chimestry

Today w’re going to give an opinion on the brand new texting guide for women called Text Chemistry from Amy North.

So if you’re at all interested in getting a secret advantage with the man you are dating or are in a relationship with, then today’s article might be very interesting to you!

So What Is Text Chemistry All About?

Text Chemistry is a program designed to give you more or less of an “upper hand” in your romantic relationships by teaching you specific texts that capture a man’s attention and get him obsessing over you.

The program creator Amy North has amazing credentials. She is a relationship advisor and dating coach from Victoria Canada. She has a degree in Social Psychology as well as several coaching courses and seminars experience behind her.

Is there anything worse than waiting and waiting when a guy doesn’t text you back? You hit send… Then you keep checking your phone…  And with each passing minute, you feel more and more powerless Maybe you even feel your phone vibrate in your pocket… And pull it out just to see you were imagining things. All the while knowing it would take him literally 20 seconds to write you back. It’s driving you crazy. We’ve all been there ladies and let me tell you this program really goes into detail on how to deal with this exact situation!

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What’s Included in the Lean Belly Breakthrough System

The whole program is based on advanced psychological findings, which means that this should work on just about any guy because all men probably share the same core psychological triggers that you can trigger with these proven texts! (I gotta admit it feels a little mischievous playing with a guys mind like this, but at the same time it is so much fun!)

The program includes done for you texts that you can send a man which virtually guarantees he’ll respond right away. It works by using something called “Attention Hooks”…  The program also provides you with an overview of how to use these texts in any type of dating or relationship situation you might face, such as when a guy you like is starting to go cold or pull away, when a guy breaks up with you and you want him back, or when you meet a new guy and want to make him fall in love with you.

All these and many more types of situations are covered in great detail and there are proven texts for you to use for each.

Here’s What You Get When You Download The System:

The program is 100% digital which means it is all delivered online and nothing is shipped to your house. This is pretty convenient because it means that you can get access to everything right away and read the book and watch all of the videos right on your phone, laptop, tablet and so forth. I guess you could even technically print out the book if you felt like it too.

The main program is all detailed inside the ebook, and then you also get a series of HD video training lessons, which are nice because they have more of a personal touch.

The Bonuses:

There are also 3 bonus PDF eBooks that you get which are actually really great because they go into things that aren’t really covered in the main program.

The first one is called “The Phone Game” and it’s all about the science of what men can’t resist when it comes to the female voice. So whether you like your voice, or not so much, you absolutely have got to try this, I think you’ll be shocked at how well this works!

Then there is also an ebook on “Why Men Leave” and how to prevent men from pulling away in relationships as well as a book called “Quality Men on Tinder”. If you are single this book is absolutely what you need. There’s also a special “unadvertised bonus” but I probably should keep that one secret.

Text Chemistry Pros and Cons:


1. It works. Though I’d cut to the chase here. If you are anything like me then the only truly important thing is whether this system actually works, and I’d have to say it does. These texts are tested and proven to work on all kinds of men, over and over and over again.

2. Well Laid Out Program. Another big plus to this system is the fact that it is well organized and easy to follow. Both the ebook and the videos are clear and to the point without any meaningless fluff, so you can get the info you need clearly and easily and then try it out with the guy in your life right way.

3. The Tinder eBook. Listen, I don’t know if you’ve tried Tinder yet. And if you are in a relationship then I guess this is pretty irrelevant. But if you are single then this book will probably change your whole approach to Tinder, and if you never tried it you need to, its definitely not just a “hook-up” site as some people think of it as, and there are definitely some very handsome, quality men on there!


Requires You To Play With A Man’s Emotions. If you are the type of girl who is uncomfortable with the thought of “playing around” with a man’s emotions, then perhaps this system could make you uncomfortable, as that is what you are effectively doing here. Personally, though I don’t think there is anything wrong with it at all. I mean all you are really doing is using an understanding of male psychology to your own advantage to get him to go crazy over you, nothing wrong with that, right?

Text Chemistry Review: The Final Verdict

I would fully recommend this program to anyone who isn’t already in a totally happy and harmonious relationship. That said, even if you are already in a good relationship, you may still find this program helpful if you are interested in spicing things up a bit, and getting your man to feel more passionate and have a more passionate desire for you. Overall, highly recommended!

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