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If you don’t know what astrology is, you can read this below given Detailed content:

What is astrology?

Astrology is the study of planets, asteroids, and other bodies and points above us. They can affect our personalities, our families, our relationships, our professional lives, our health, our karma, our hopes and dreams, our fears and falls, our opportunities, and struggles, our past, present, and future. Basically everything!

All astrology practically falls into one of two categories, natal astrology or predictive astrology.

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How Natal Astrology Can Change Your Life?

Natal astrology is based on the natal chart, which is a snapshot of the location in the zodiac of the planets, houses, and other bodies at the exact time of your birth from where you were born.

Your natal chart is the key to who you are. It shows what you need in relationships, how you react emotionally to situations, where you feel most restricted in life, your strengths and weaknesses, and much more. You can use your natal chart to better understand yourself and the natal charts of others to better understand the people in your life.

Using your natal chart, you can determine which crutches you need to let go of (South Node), what lessons you need to learn (Saturn), where your power is (Pluto), what you need to work on to become (North Node), how to connect with others (Venus ), what is your ultimate goal (Midheaven), just to name a few of the powerful and profound ways you can use your birth chart.

You can better understand yourself and know what to do to achieve your own happiness. Your birth chart is a model for your life.

How Predictive Astrology Can Change Your Life?

Predictive astrology focuses on the transiting (moving) planets and how they impact your natal chart, as well as other charts used in prediction (such as progressive charts and return charts).

Predictive astrology benefits you by helping you see when you will have periods of positive energy to make the most of opportunities and by showing you when you will have periods that are challenging or disruptive so that you can prepare accordingly and lessen difficulties.

The main benefit is that predictive astrology helps you have a better time in life. Something we can all use!

Using predictive astrology, you can see when you will have good energy to find a new romantic partner, start a new business, go to college, get a loan, take a vacation, have surgery, just about anything that can happen in your life. . .

At the same time, you can also see when you will have challenging energy, and you can avoid those times and try to use the good energy periods, or you can work to mitigate the challenging energy by focusing on the best ways to use the planets and points involved.

No difficult aspect happens without giving you a way to solve it, even if the options are not great. But it’s the idea that when you fight the current, you can drown. Predictive astrology can be used to keep you afloat. Having a better time helps with everything, so even if you are not naturally blessed with it, you can find it with predictive astrology.

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